1. Five Common Dance Injuries by Dance Magazine
  2. Common Dance Injuries

Common Dance Injuries

Even though dance can be a lot of fun, it is also important to be aware of the possibility of injury. Just landing a jump wrong or extending your leg a little too far can lead to a painful injury. Listen to the audio clip below to hear the story of a dancer who injured herself during a dance practice.

According to an article in Dance Magazine, the five most common injuries caused by dance are:

If a part of your body is hurting more than normal, stop. Then take an evaluation of the injured area to determine the severity. If the injury is severe, seek proper medical treatment. However, if it is minor, plan to rest and put ice on the injury.

Remember to listen to your body. Don't continue pushing a body part that is telling you something is wrong. That will only make the injury worse. However, the best idea concerning injuries is to prevent them. The best way to avoid injury is to remain aware of your body and your surroundings.