A Little Bit About Dance

A dancer

Whether you have been dancing for years or are, for the first time, considering checking out a dance class or two, there is always more to learn about this very old, very popular art form. Even if you simply enjoy sitting back and watching the pros do their stuff, you can gain a greater appreciation of who dancers are and what they do after learning a bit about dance.

Check out the origins of dance page to learn a little about where different dance forms such as ballet, jazz, hip-hop and modern came from and what the influences were that led to their creation. The number of years dance has been a part of human culture may surprise you. If you are a beginning dancer, you may want to head over to the what to wear page to find out what you should wear in order to look the part in your first dance class. The movements segment of the site contains information about the basic positions every beginning dancer learns as well as some common stretches that will help you to become more flexible and avoid injury. Both beginning dancers and experienced dancers alike may find this information useful: beginning dancers so they begin to learn basic dance movements, more advanced dancers because it is always helpful to reexamine how well you perform the basics.

You can then stop by to learn about common dance injuries, ways to avoid them and ways to treat them. Finally, check out "Why Dance?" to find out why members of a dance group on a university campus take time out of their busy schedules to dance every week.

As the famous American dancer, Agnes DeMille once said, "To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful." She said it is an opportunity to become more than you already are. Dance is an art form that so many people enjoy for recreation, exercise and even as careers. Different dance forms even play key parts in current pop culture. Spending just a little time learning more about dance might give you a fresh perspective on this very ancient of pastimes.