Sharpe's Music


Ted Sharpe opened his Gainesville record store in 1990 after moving cross country from San Francisco. While in California, Sharpe opened his first record store in 1985.

Curiously, that was the same year CDs began to become popular.

"People realized that vinyl still had a lot of good qualities to it," Sharpe said. "It sounded good, so a lot of people didn't jump on the CD bandwagon."

In addition to the sound quality being better, vinyl records were cheap in comparison to CDs. Sharpe began going to flea markets on the weekend to buy records, adding to a collection that started when he was a teenager.

"Music was a real big deal back in the '60s and '70s," Sharpe said. "It was much more part of the lifestyle back then of the young people. It was a social movement. It was an artistic movement."

Like Hyde & Zeke's Records, Sharpe's Music has a wide variety.

"I probably have more styles of music," Sharpe said. "I like even easy listening and I was just playing a Hawaiian record. You don't hear that in too many record stores."

Sharpe said he favors older music, and he occasionally buys records simply for their historical significance.

"I'd say a lot of the records here are artifacts in what sort or the other," Sharpe said. "But it's amazing to me how many records here you can't get on CD."


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