Having a history of vinyl records on this web site would be great, but nobody reads anymore so I don't see the point. Plus, the history of vinyl is on Wikipedia, so why regurgitate it? However, I did want to out some interesting stuff I found on YouTube here.

How Vinyls Are Made

Here are a couple videos from the Discovery Channel. I can't tell you exactly when this was made, but judging by the fantastically orchestrated background music, I am going to estimate this was done in the mid-'90s.

Here is part 2

The World's Largest Record Collection

Paul Mawhinney (AKA The Coolest Man Ever) owns more than 3 million records and 6 million song titles. He is looking to sell his entire collection because of health issues.

His collection is estimated to be worth more than $50 million. He is asking for $3 million. If anyone has a few million dollars lying around, check out his Web site.

Why Are Vinyls Still Being Bought?

At British music company EMI's former vinyl record plant, Roy Matthews explains why vinyl records are still in existence. Matthews used to be in charge of EMI's record factory and is now the general manager of the same factory, which is owned by Portal Space Record, a small independent company.

How to Clean Vinyls

There are vinyl record cleaners out there, but here is a way to make a simple, homemade cleaner.

Well, there you have it. There is plenty of other interesting vinyl-related information on the Internet. Go out and find it if you want.