Wayward Council


Wayward Council is more than just a record store. Instead, it is a not-for-profit culture center.

Wayward Council, which has been in existence for 12 years, has essentially three goals
1) Provide people with access to independent music at affordable prices
2) Provide independent artists with a venue to perform
3) Provide a space for independent publications

The store has a financial committee but, other than that, it is run by volunteers. These people run the store on a day-to-day basis and decide what music to order. Wayward Council mostly sells punk, hardcore, metal, indie and folk albums.

"Pretty much all the money we make goes back into ordering more records," said Jacob Holland, who has been volunteering at Wayward Council since January. "Nobody gets paid here. Nobody really has a stake in it, so it's all run pretty much democratically."

Without any financial benefit, people may wonder why Holland would dedicate his time to working at Wayward Council.

"When you're volunteering here, you're in charge of the store," he said. "This is your space and you can do what you want with it. I think it's liberating for a lot of people to come here and have a place where they're free without managers and bosses."

While the store sells everything from vinyls to CDs to zines to t-shirts, Wayward Council mostly pays its rent from the shows it throws. Holland said that 40 to 50 people usually show up when a band plays at the store.

"It's a really neat space," he said. "You can bring your own beers. The shows are cheap. There aren't any managers or sound guys or scummy people robbing bands."

Wayward Council is also active in the community. The back half of the store holds books that will be sent to inmates as part of the Books for Prisoners Project.

The Books for Prisoners group meets at Wayward Council every Friday night from 6:30 to 9:00, and the store occasionally holds fund raisers to raise money for postage to send books to inmates. Prisoners often write to the group requesting books.

In light of the controversial arrests in relation to Fest 8, a punk rock festival held in November, Wayward Council is hosting the Alachua Committee Against Brutality meetings.

The group is hoping to raise money so those who were arrested can receive proper legal counsel.


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