Setting Up a Tattoo Workstation

  1. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap and put on disposable gloves to begin set up. You will have to put on new gloves again to prepare the client’s stencil, and then again before beginning the tattoo work.
  2. worktable2
  3. Use a disinfectant to wipe down all surfaces including counter space, any movable table or tray where inks or tattoo equipment will be held and the tattoo furniture the person being tattooed will be placed.
  4. Use a paper towel or cling wrap to cover the areas of your workstation that will be involved in the tattoo process, including the area where you'll be setting your tattoo machines, inks and other supplies.
  5. Set up your sterilized tattoo machine.
  6. worktable
  7. Place new needles and tubes next to your tattoo machine.
  8. Dispense ink into individual ink caps. The number of caps will be determined by the number of different color inks needed.
  9. Get disposable items ready, such as razors for shaving tattoo area, paper towels for wiping excess ink and a disposable cup with water to rinse the needle between color changes.
  10. Cover the soapy water spray bottle with paper towels. It should be covered to keep contaminated fluids from getting directly on the bottle.
  11. Apply the stencil to the client.