Tattoo Design


When you walk into a tattoo shop, you can see that tattoo designs vary as much as fingerprints. Most shops have walls covered in different designs. The work of a tattoo artist is more than just applying a tattoo to someone’s body. It also involves creating the perfect design to fit the client’s needs. In every case, a customer will either already have a tattoo design ready, or the tattoo artist will have to draw one.

Drawing Tattoos

Every great tattoo comes from a great drawing. Anything you can visualize can be created into a tattoo design.

Always keep in mind that the tattoo you are drawing is very important to the client, and he or she will be wearing it on their bodies forever, whether it’s to commemorate an event or death, mark an event, honor someone special or just for fun.


You should feel honored that the client is allowing you to use his or her body as a canvas. It’s crucial incorporate the client’s ideas to create a design that you are willing and able to produce, and he or she is willing to wear.

Once the tattoo is designed, and the body part of application is chosen, it’s time to get to work.