I want to crochet!
What do I need?

Your supplies will depend on what patten you use. Listed below are the supplies you'll need to make the "Café con Leche" amigurumi on the tutorial page. This list is very similiar to what you'll need for all amigurumi patterns.

  1. Worsted weight yarn in blue (or whatever color you want the cup to be) and brown
  2. F hook
  3. 6 mm plastic eyes
  4. Tiny little piece of pink felt for the cheeks
  5. Black embroidery floss and embroidery needle
  6. A little bit of stuffing
  7. Yarn needle
  8. Scissors
  9. Stitch placeholder

Each item (except for the 6mm plastic eyes) was purchased at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. You can find the eyes at suncatchers.com.

Items seven through nine aren't necessary, but helpful. The Café con Leche pattern, including the supplies list, is used with permission from Ana Paula Rimoli.

Supplies Needed list. Top row: Yarn, F-hook needle,6mm black eyes. Middle row: pink felt, embroidery hook and thread, fiberfill. Bottom row: yarn needle, scissors, stitch placeholder