Advice from the pros


Amy Casaletto, RUB Entertainment vice president of external affairs

My piece of advice would be to use common sense and remember the big picture. You can get really overwhelmed worrying about every last detail in the planning process, but you want to take a step back and visualize the execution of the event.

Ask yourself questions like: will it rain? What do I expect the attendance to be? Is the space large enough? Simple questions that will provide vital answers and that could possibly change the outcome of the event entirely.


Tiffany Whitten, RUB Entertainment lecturers and comedians committee director

Don't forget the planning does not stop when the event ends! Survey your audience before and after your event to see if the event was effective, what was the best and worst part, how did audience members hear about the event, what could have been done to improve the event, and should this event be done again?


Bailey Parke, RUB Entertainment bands committee director

When planning an event, my best advice would be to allow yourself a lot of time and plan early. This helps with the brainstorming process, allows time to fix mistakes and setbacks and also gives enough time to promote your event during the planning process.

Giving yourself a good amount of time to plan is extremely important to the success of your show. In the end, you will have a smoothly running and well attended event.


Currently, I'm president of Reitz Union Board Entertainment, which provides free entertainment to the UF community every night of the week--yeah, it's a lot of planning.

I've found the best place to seek help is from those who have done it before. All of the advice and tips provided here are from people who have planned UF events and know the trials and tribulations of the process.


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