So you want to plan an event at UF...

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Albert and Alberta: true UF event enthusiasts

Well, you've come to the right place!

With just one glance at the Reitz Union calendar, it quickly becomes obvious that a ton of events happen on UF's campus every day, including anything from comedians and singers to rock climbing walls and laser tag.

What may surprise you is that most, if not all, of these events are put on by students.

The process of UF event planning might seem overwhelming at first--your head might start spinning somewhere between trying to find out if a space is available and how the heck you reserve one once you find it-- but this Web site is here to help.

Click through the links on the left to learn the steps to successful event planning at UF. You'll find tutorials, printable resources and advice from the pros.


Look for this box throughout the site. Here, you will find tips from student leaders who know their stuff. These tips are tried and true, so read them before planning your event!


Currently, I'm president of Reitz Union Board Entertainment, which provides free entertainment to the UF community every night of the week--yeah, it's a lot of planning.

I've found the best place to seek help is from those who have done it before. All of the advice and tips provided here are from people who have planned UF events and know the trials and tribulations of the process.


Got the whole planning thing down? Want resources for being an effective student leader at UF?

Check out my student leadership blog.