Setting Boundaries

Housing expert Maikel Alendy says that setting rules is the first step to building a healthy roommate relationship. You and your prospective roomie should establish certain expectations before deciding to live together, but once you move in these are very concrete things you should discuss. As with selecting roomies, when setting boundaries you should still be open, honest, and direct about what you want.

Things to consider in an apartment

  • What are you willing to share? Food? Cooking utensils? Clothes?
  • How are you going to divide utilities?
  • How does a group cater to individual desires, such as whether the A/C is on?
  • How late is too late for entertaining guests?
  • What's the policy on keeping clean in the kitchen, living and dining rooms?

Things to consider in a dorm or close space

  • What time do you want to sleep at night?
  • When do you expect to study?
  • When and how many guests are appropriate?
  • How do you handle coming home late when your roomie is asleep?
  • How will you share things?