Brewing hot green tea

Steps to make green tea

1. Boil water. It’s best to use purified water to avoid any issues that may affect the taste of your tea.

2. Take the kettle off the stove for a few minutes to let the water cool. Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit and the best temperature for green teas is 180 degrees. To make sure your water isn’t too hot for green teas either take the kettle off the stove for about 3 minutes or take the kettle off the stove before reaching a boil.

3. Measure out your tea leafs and add them to the infuser. According to Adagio teas, it is best to use one teaspoon of tea leafs per cup of water. For light or voluminous teas it’s better to use two teaspoons per cup.

4. Add the hot water to your tea leafs in the infuser.

5. The ideal steeping time for green teas is 2-3 minutes. You can either watch the clock or set a timer if you wish. Watching for the tea leafs to uncurl is also a good way to tell when the tea is ready. Remember, over steeping the tea can lead to bitterness.

6. Pour your tea and enjoy. You can add milk, honey or sugar, but if you steep the tea properly you shouldn’t have to unless you enjoy your tea that way.