Green Tea: An introduction

College, coffee and green tea

There are many words synonymous with college. All-nighter, beer and caffeine are a few that quickly come to mind.

Two of these words are closely related when it comes to the college lifestyle: all-nighter and caffeine. In a co-dependent relationship, one feeds the other.

Coffee is the main fuel that sustains a college student’s late night study habit. And while coffee is a good source of caffeine, it isn’t exactly healthy to consume in mass amounts.

College students, who seek caffeine fixes, do have a healthier option for a caffeine pick-me-up. Caffeinated green teas will definitely keep any college student from dosing off mid paper, but can also improve the immune system, increase metabolism and improve skin health.

And the old adage, “Less is more,” doesn’t apply to green teas. Studies relating green teas to improved health recommend drinking four or more cups daily to see the most improvement. So college students have little to fear, in terms of health risks, when it comes to downing cups of tea.

In addition to caffeine and health benefits, green teas have one more thing to offer college students. Drinking tea over coffee can reduce the strain on a college student’s wallet.

Since most teas, when brewed properly, taste fine without milk they end up costing less than lattés, whose main cost comes from the milk in them. Brewing tea at home can cost less than coffee since cream, sugar or milk aren’t a necessity.

Have you been convinced to check out the world of tea, but don’t know where to start? Well have no fear, this site with provide you with a quick and easy introduction to the world of brewing loose-leaf teas.