It's time to give credit where credit is due and acknowledge that I purposely started this sentence with the letter "I" because it's 10 p.m. on a Saturday night, Gainesville is in a collective funk after the SEC title game and I'm in no mood to open Photoshop again. First and foremost, I'd like to thank the NCAA. You have a laughable concept of "student-athlete," but a bang-up knack for record-keeping. All of the Quick Links on your left, save the first two, mine a treasure trove of statistics kept impeccably well by an association that does few things well. Check the links at the bottom for a complete list of sources I used to amass my Musbergian knowledge of college football and construct the transcendent Spreadsheet of Destiny. I'm going to take full credit for two things: A) the Gators unparalleled run of athletic success that began precisely the semester I began my undergrad and B) all of the non-attributed words and pictures. Each of the photos got its makeover from Photoshop, but was originally shot by yours truly. The JavaScript comes from one Nic Wolfe, who I've never met and imagine is a very nice man. And I made the charts on the Statistics page by way of ChartTool, which is linked at the bottom, and then funneled them through Photobucket's terrifically easy to use editing system.

Enough with the technicals. I tagged Hilary Lehman in my YouTube video as "Future Famous Person" without a whiff of sarcasm. Really it's just a matter of time. I've known Hilary since high school. She's an overachiever, a perfectionist and apparently a closet football expert. Thank you, Hilary, for your participation, and good luck with the St. Pete Times internship.

Bryan Holt, whose contribution to this site you can read on the PDI page, is a former writer for the Bleacher Report and current cohort in the University of Florida journalism program. He asked if he could write something for PD, and I said sure, as long as he had it to me within a week. Fourteen hours later, 1,083 very entertaining words showed up in my inbox. I take a shot at him every so often, and all I can say is that each one is 100 percent deserved. Go 'Canes, Bryan.

Spreadsheet of Destiny

Jonathan Chase has never met an opinion with which he agreed. He only gets away with it on account of inordinate intelligence. He was actually a former broadcast journalist in Trinidad and Tobago and so a perfect subject for my shoddy video. He is now keeping people on their toes as a master's student at UF. My apologies, Mr. Chase, for the poor production qualities.

And last, but certainly not least - especially if you're measuring in feet - is the incomparably tall Tyler "The Jet" Jett, who also appears in the video. I don't actually know if he goes by "The Jet," but I'd like to think he does. Tyler just finished his women's soccer beat for the Independent Florida Alligator and will make the quantum leap to football next year. Tyler, congratulations in advance for beating me to employment.

Title Ring


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