How to Sew: an Introduction

The Problem:

We've all had it happen to us: You pull on our favorite worn t-shirt, or zip up a possibly too-small pair of pants, or start to put on the pair of jeans you've had since you were 15 and could pull them on without unbuttoning them - and rip. Tear. Buttons fall off, zippers break. Those perfectly worn-in jeans are now perfectly ripped in a way only Johnny Rotten would find wearable.

Ever since I learned how to sew four years ago, everyone I know comes to me with the same complaints: My pants are too long or too short, my zipper broke, this shirt is too big for me now that I lost 10 pounds. Little do they realize how easy it is to fix all these problems themself (and how little I actually feel like doing it for them. Sewing seems complicated; for one thing, you have to operate a piece of machinery with a pedal, and for another you have to do things like pin fabric and cut in straight lines. Get my point? Not that difficult.

The Solution

This site was created to teach the sewing novice the basics of sewing: what materials you need, the parts of the sewing machine and how to thread it, and lastly, how to actually sew a seam. There is also a links page for more help with common sewing problems, possible sewing projects and other resources.

About the creator

caitlin head

My name is Caitlin Head and I've been a self-taught sewer for about five years now. No, I do not want to hem your pants/fix your shirt/make you something. I am cold-hearted.

All the photos and writing on this site were done by myself. Please don't use them without my permission.