Weapons and Defense

Build Your Resistance


Suggested Weapons

Here are some of the useful and effective weapons Max Brooks suggests obtaining before and during the outbreak. Although many of these items are either difficult or impossible to find on a college campus, they are still good to know in case you decide or need to venture beyond the campus.

For more detailed information about possible weapons and their uses, check out the Zombie Survival and Defense Wiki where people share and discuss ideas about weapons and survival against zombies.

Accessible Weapons

There are many creative ways one can find or create effective weapons if there is no access to firearms. Here are some ideas for weapons and locations where they might be found on campus:

Defense Tactics

Whether you have combat or defensive training or not, consider some of these tips from Max Brooks when preparing for an encounter with zombies:

Dorm Defense on Campus

In this video, I explain some helpful tips for students who might decide to take shelter in their dorms during the zombie outbreak, and would like to know more about dorm defense and fortification.

Although some places on your campus might serve as strong fortresses against the zombie hordes if students, faculty and staff collectively work to maintain a defense, you should look for shelter in any place that is remote, defendable and preferably near food and supply sources.