The 5 Minute Plan

If you can hear the Zacks outside your door, click the blood splatter above or check out the 5 Minute Plan to learn the essentials for surviving any zombie attack!

Beware Zombie Hands

Photo courtesy of Dabe Murphy on Flickr

So You Want To Survive A Zombie Attack?

Zombies Overrun Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

Gator Zombies overrun the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at the University of Florida. (Photo: Illustration by Allison Ochal from The Gainesville Sun)

Whether you're a freshman or senior at your university, you probably thought you got the whole college-thing down after finding the best places to eat and the most interesting classes to take. You might even think this is the perfect time to sit back and enjoy college - isn't now supposed to be the best years of your life?

But what happens when you are stuck miles and miles from home, with a meager student budget and limited resources, and a full-fledged zombie outbreak occurs on your campus?

Where would you go? How would you find your closest friends? What would you need?

How would you survive?

Well, don't panic yet. Just follow the instructions on these pages and you will be fully prepared and capable to survive a zombie outbreak on your campus. Here you can learn about defense, supplies, shelter, weapons and life-saving tips - about everything that will keep you alive and kickin' while the zombies swarm your campus.

Top 10 Things To Always Remember Around Zombies...

  1. Aim for the head!
  2. Always know your way out.
  3. Pay Attention!!! Look around and be careful.
  4. Avoid large, populated areas.
  5. Stay quiet and listen for the undead.
  6. Always keep your weapons handy and in good condition.
  7. Maintain communication with party members to avoid confusion.
  8. No time for sentiments, kill the infected.
  9. Always plan before you act!
  10. Stay in shape.