tennis racquet and ball

Tennis: Equipment

Part of what makes tennis such a great sport is that only two pieces of equipment are needed, a racquet and tennis balls. If players do not have access to a court, the ball can still be hit back and forth in a open space with a hard surface.


A tennis racquet consists of a handle and neck joining an almost oval frame. The frame holds many tightly pulled strings. These strings used to be made from animal gut, but now are made of synthetic materials. Choosing the right racquet for you is very important. Racquets come in tons of different sizes and styles. The best racquet for you will be light enough as to not weigh down your swing, but heavy enough so give your shots enough power. There are specially designed racquets for children, which have smaller frames and shorter necks, women and men. Racquets can range in price from hundreds of dollars to just $20.

Tennis Balls

Tennis balls have a hollow rubber inside with a felt coating on the outside. In the past tennis balls were white, but over time the color was changed to bright green to improve their visibility. Over time tennis balls will lose some air and become squishy. These balls are fine to play with, but in real matches new balls are used for each set.


Tennis courts materials vary widely, but the dimensions are always the same. A court can be made of wood, clay, grass, linoleum, canvas, concrete, asphalt or carpets. In India courts are even made from dried cow dung. The game began on grass courts, but that is an uncommon surface now. However Wimbledon, the biggest tournament of all, is still held on a grass court.Image Source