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Now that you have the necessary tools to pick your team, you need to know the types of ways drafts are conducted in order to have a successful draft. If you are already in a league you will soon realize that it is extremely important to know what type of league you are in.

Auction Draft Live Snake Draft Autopick Draft Offline Draft
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Auction Draft

In an auction draft owners are given a set amount of money, $200, and they have to choose 16 players to fill their roster.

This is a tough way to draft because the temptation is there to overbid on several players. It is likely that players like Adrian Peterson could elicit a bidding war cause one player to lose a lot of money.

In this draft a player is nominated for auction and members bid. The auction draft could be beneficial for someone who is very knowledgeable about football. This way they may know of some very good players that can be purchased for a low price because others are not familiar with them.

One major downfall with the auction draft is that it is very bad for an owner to not be present during the draft because it is mostly a live draft.

Live Snake Draft

This draft takes place by drafting in a “snake” formation. All of the players are put in an order and drafted a back-to-back formation. For example if you are number one you will draft first and then in the second round you will have the last choice. In round three you will get to draft first.

In this type of draft it is OK if you can’t be present. You can always preset your choices and if they are available you will get that player. Keep in mind it is never recommended that you aren’t present when the draft is for this type

This draft is one of the more common types of drafts. The auction draft is also very popular with most leagues.

Autopick Draft

This draft is 100 percent automatic. In the event that you do not know a lot about football this is the most beneficial draft for you. In this case all of the players will have to work with what they get.

This draft also means that no managers have to be online during the draft. The problem with this is that it takes away your choice of players. If you know who you want to pick and are knowledgable about the NFL it is not as much fun if you have an autopick draft.

Offline Draft

In this draft your league will draft the team’s yourself. In other words you will meet up somewhere and pick your players in person.

This means you will need to know your stuff. You definitely do not want to make a fool of yourself in front of your friends. A lot of research will be required and in this case I recommend you bring your computer along and a list.

This is a way to make the draft a little more interesting. Online drafts take away a lot of the personal aspect of fantasy football. Sometimes it is nice to get together and get a feel for your league.

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