Fantasy Football: History

League Terms


Like any game or organization fantasy football has its own set of terms. If you want to play the game you have to understand the language.


The owner is the individual in charge of the team. Therefore, you are the owner of the team that you manage throughout the season.


Manager is basically a synonym for owner. You manage the team throughout the season.


The league is all of the teams that are in your group. In other words, all of the teams that you play against. Most leagues have about 12 teams. You should not have an odd number of teams.

Bench players

These are players that you choose not to start for a week. In other words they are on the bottom of your roster and inactive for your team. You do not get any of the points they earn for that week. Each league has a different amount of bench players. In my league there are five bench players.


A trade is where you want to switch players with someone from another team. You can trade as many players as you want. Trades are typically approved by other members in your league. This helps to make sure it is a fair trade. Someone can propose a trade or you can propose a trade.

Bye Week

A bye week is where a player does not play because his team has the week off. Every team has one bye week in the NFL. These players will not earn you any points during a bye week.


Here the top teams in the league will face off to become league champions. The playoffs occur before the real playoffs in the NFL.

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