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How to manage your team during the season

Managing a fantasy football team can become very complicated. One of the key things to remember is to check on your team before the first game of the week. Here I will list a few things to look out for during the course of the season. I will cover trades, bye weeks, when to drop and what to add.

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There are two different types of trades and two very different strategies. One type of trade is when someone wants to trade with you. Another is when you want to trade with someone else. Yes, duh is right. There is a point to this. When someone proposes a trade to you the first thing you need to do is be very cautious. Why do they want to trade? Are they trying to trick you? Is it a good idea?

If someone wants to trade you a running back and you have plenty of running backs then do not trade. If you need a player that is presented to you then you can consider some other questions.

The second thing you shuld do when considering a trade is to do some research on the player. If you aren't sure look at his stats. Make sure you look at the stats for his last few games. Sometimes a manager will get rid of a good player because they have not been performing well lately.

Bye Weeks

The main pointer you need to manage your team during bye weeks is to pay attention. the worst thing that can happen is to pull up your fantasy team on Monday and see a few players that you started were on a bye.

One of the worst things that can happen is to have a lot of your players on a bye week. One time I had about five players on a bye week. I had to try to keep my players on the bench and to drop as few as possible. It is never good to be forced to drop a major player like Hines Ward in order to pick up a free agent for a week.

The best advice for manuevering around a bye week is if you can afford to lose a player then drop him when he is on a bye week if not stick him on the bench and try to work around dropping him.

Dropping a player

It is tough to drop a player. There is always that feeling of letting them go and then they have a three touchdown game the following week. However, the best advice is to bench them for a week and then drop them if you need to find a new player. You don't want to get stuck with a dud and you don't need to.

Another good piece os advice for dropping a player is to drop them during their bye week. If you drop during this time you already will have searched for a replacement. This way you can drop without feeling terrible.

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Adding a player

After you drop a player the next move is to add one. However, this is easier said than done. Some of the things I look for is the total points earned during the season. I then take a look at what type of points those are. If a player has all of their points from rushing yards and no touchdowns. I try to stay away. Someone with a lot of yards may not be very useful near the red zone.

If when you add a player they are only going to be added for a week and then you plan to drop them again my suggestion is to see who their opponent is If the player is on the Detroit Lions and they are playing the Colts it may not be a wise decision to make for a one week addition.

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