Fantasy Football: Draft Day
Fantasy Football: Draft

Before the Draft

Automated Picking

This type of fantasy draft is where the computer automatically drafts your team for you. This is risky for the most part. However, sometimes the computer is smarter than you are. I have seen a few teams drafted well from the automatic picking, but for the most part I think if you have some idea about players in the league then you should draft yourself.

Adrian Peterson breacking a tackle

Last Year's Favorites

If automated picking scares you and you don’t have time to do research then looking up last year’s favorites and basing your selection off of this is a good idea.

I found a Web site online that has a lot of helpful information about players in the past year. The site was created as a draft guide by Fox They have all of the positions listed. My advice here is to just copy down the names of the top ten in every category and draft this way.


A search on google will no doubt lead you to some good results. However, I would recommend looking at ESPN’s chart for the weekly and season totals from the year before.

Also, running a quick search on the ESPN site or the NFL site will lead you to a plethora of information about top choices.

Of course, an extensive search would cause you to have to look at what the team’s have drafted and also if the player has switched teams or other players on the team have left. For example let say you are looking to pick up Jonathan Stewart from the Carolina panthers. I would not recommend this unless DeAngelo Williams, the star running back of the panthers, has left the team of is injured for most of the season.

My recommendation is to make a list of all the different positions and your top choices and draft from there.

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