Fantasy Football: History

Finding the system that fits you best


If you don't already have a league you can have the option of choosing what interface you would like to use. This is interesting because you can choose the system that you find easier to use.The two systems I will go over is ESPN and Yahoo. These two systems are quite popular.

Swift scoring

When you begin a fantasy team one thing you will look forward to checking whether or not your team won. The ESPN system does not update automatically. The system will take about a day or so to update. Yahoo on the other hand will automatically update every minute or so. I have found this very helpful when I wanted to check my stats quickly. If you know how to calculate your points this won't make a difference. I used to calculate my own points and come withing a point or two.


Both systems are pretty decent with statistics. I have found it is much easier to view statistics with the ESPN system. They are very good at displaying player stats in an easy-to-use format.

There's an app for that

Both Yahoo and ESPN have apps to allow users to view and manage their teams when they are on the go. The difference between the two is that Yahoo offers a free app and ESPN's app has to be paid for.

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