Gear for the overland trip

South African born Ciaran Stirling, 26, now lives in Livingtone, Zambia for the majority of the year. He has made the trip between Zambia and South Africa roughly 20 times.

For the past four years he has worked part-time with Bushlore Africa. The cost for a self-guided tour in which you rent the truck fully-outfitted is 1000 Rand a day, roughly $135. Their tag line is as much a promise of adventure as it is a business motto: Bushlore Africa: Self-drive Safaris.

Bushlore has an interesting approach to safaris: they have a fully outfitted safari SUV waiting for the traveler at the airport.
“It's amazing. You show up at the airport and the only thing you need to bring to go on the trip is your clothes. And then you just go on your holiday,“ Stirling said.
The traveler sets off on safari driving across Southern Africa. Then they simply drop the vehicle off at the airport on the way home.

That’s where Stirling comes in. When Bushlore needs him he gets in the one of the vehicles that have been dropped off at the Livingstone airport and drives it back down to South Africa.

Ciaran driving a truck in Zambia.

With all the miles he's logged, Stirling certainly knows what works and what doesn't for this route. He has a quick list of things you should take with you for a trip overland through Southern Africa.

Ciaran's List of Gear