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What is Proper Coding?


Proper coding refers to the correct use of XHTML & CSS coding, according to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). By properly coding by W3C standards, search engines like Google can easily and effectively read the code on your Web site quickly, making it easier and more likely for your pages to get indexed.

How to properly code XHTML & CSS

There are too many XHTML & CSS rules to go over each individually on here. However, some of the most common errors in XHTML & CSS coding are misplaced semicolons, unclosed quotation marks and incorrect attributes. However, fixingGlobe these errors is often very simple, as webmasters can check to see whether their Web site is properly coded by simply visiting the W3C Validator.

This validator will allow webmasters to easily identify any coding errors, which can then be corrected so that the Web site validates properly. This is perhaps the least important aspect of effective search engine optimization. However, taking these steps to properly code your Web site can improve the number of pages that gets indexed and the speed that they get indexed. This is particularly important for webmasters who frequently update content and want their pages to show up before competitors' pages do (this is particularly important for media websites).