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What are Internal Links?

Internal links are simply links from your Web site to another page on your Web site. Typically, the most frequent and important internal links are found in your menu and navigation. Creating a clearly-defined structure can greatly increase the chances that your whole Web site will be crawled and indexed by search engines.

Experienced webmaster Mike Herchel states that having a good structure is one of the most important aspects in good search engine optimization.

Using Internal Links effectively


Using internal links effectively can greatly improve the chances that your full Web site will get indexed. In addition, it provides users with the ability to get to just about any page from any other page. Having menus with links to the main pages on your site is crucial to building a good internal links structure.

Internal links should not use the special rel="nofollow" attribute. This ensures that the full PageRank from each page will be passed on to every page linked to from your pages. A Web site that effectively utilizes internal links will find ways to incorporate links to other pages of the site within the actual content of the page.

In addition, including relevant anchor text is extremely important in boosting search engine rankings. The targeted keywords for the page you are linking to should provide the anchor text for your internal links.