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What is Anchor Text?

Anchor text is simply the visible text that appears to a user on a hyperlink or, from a webmaster's perspective, it is the text in between the link tags. Anchor text should be targeted to the keywords or key phrases that comprise the page that the link points to.

Experienced webmaster Mike Herchel states that including "keyword-rich" anchor text is almost as important as obtaining backlinks themselves. Relevant, keyword-targeted anchor text helps indicate to search engines exactly what the content of the page being linked to is.

Using Anchor Text effectively


Using anchor text effectively boosts the degree to which search engine rankings take into account backlinks, internal links and external links. Keyword-rich anchor text provides search engines with exactly the content of the page, as well as improving keyword density, another crucial factor in improving search engine optimization.

Effective anchor text also tells users exactly what the link points to, leaving no doubt as to what they will get when they follow the link to another page. This helps improve the clarity of your site and makes your visitors' experiences much more pleasant.