Explanation of Links Page

As explained in the Link Building and Backlinks page of our site, having a "Links" page is often important in building an effective web presence that can improve SEO.

One of the main functions of a links page should be to provide your Web site with a central location where you can trade reciprocal links to and from your Web site with other webmasters. This links page allows webmasters to avoid distracting their visitor's attention from the content of their pages by having multiple links to other sites strewn about their Web site.

This helps to keep visitors on your site, while essentially providing your visitor's with a one-stop location where they can find other revelant Web sites - essentially providing them with your very own directory. For a further explanation of why this page is designed the way it is, please visit our Link Building page.

Links from high-ranking Web sites

As explained in our Backlinks page, securing links from high-ranking Web sites is important. To entice webmasters of these high-ranking sites to add your link on their site, frequently you should give them premium location on your links page (in the main content area), and you can provide them with a brief one or two sentence description below their link.

Here is an example of what your high-ranking Web site links and descriptions might look like:

Search Engine Optimization - Wikipedia
  • Wikipedia provides users with a lengthy explanation of Search Engine Optimization, including its history, successful methods of SEO, SEO as a marketing strategy and legal precedents surrounding SEO.

Survival Guide to SEO
  • The Survival Guide to SEO provides users with the Top 10 most effective ways to improve SEO and survive in the competitive world of search engine rankings.

Search Engine Optimization for Marketing Managers
  • Visionary Marketing presents a 10-step guide to effectively search engine optimizing your Web site as a marketing manager to improve your business and increase visibility on the Internet.

You can add as many high-ranking Web sites as you can find that will link to you - the more the better!