Human Performance Management is a new theory of management that provides a call center with the foundation needed to connect the bottom line to the human potential value of employees. One way to do this is starting with strong recruitment practices. The most important resource is talent.

When you are recruiting look for the following characteristics in your new employees:
  • teamwork
  • conflict management
  • interpersonal skills
  • problem solving and decision making
  • creativity and innovation
  • customer service
  • leadership and management
  • employee development and coaching
  • written communication
  • flexibility
  • goal setting
  • political adeptness
  • personal effectiveness
  • presenting skills
  • negotiating
  • persuasion
  • empathy
  • continuous learning
  • futuristic thinking


Information on this page was found in Recruiting and Retaining: Call Center Employees: In Action Case Study Series by Natalie Petouhoff
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