Stacey Tuttle, Florida Fund employee, Motivates Calling Room

Why is it important to have motivational activities for your employees?

Because at times you can get discouraged after being rejected over the phones. You need something to take your mind off of it. It's still a job, however, you want to keep your employees positive. You want them to be able to see the bigger picture, which is getting gift pledges. Even though you just got rejected, you want them to see how important their job is and how it benefits the organization.

What types of activities have you found most successful?

Anything that involves competition.

How do you use incentives to motivate your employees?

They need a tangible reward when they do something exceptional. To encourage hard work you need to offer them gift certificates, t-shirts and paid breaks.

Is there such thing as "too much motivation"?

Yes. If it's too fun employees don't always know how to refocus and get back to the task of the job. They get so caught up in the fun that it takes them a long time to settle down and get back to work.

What would you say is a happy medium between how much motivation you should have?

It depends on who is conducting the motivation. The manager or supervior that is assertive is often able to gain control over the situation. I can't say there is a medium. It's not the motivation itself, it's how the employees respond to it.

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