Mike Siegal, Florida Fund Student Manager, Monitors and Critiques an Employee

Why is it important to continuously monitor caller performance?

Monitoring callers and giving feedback helps them to learn better ways to communicate over the phones. In addition, sometimes employees can take advantage of their jobs and become complacent. Monitoring is often the only way to make sure they are doing the job they were hired for.

How do you score caller performance?

At the Florida Fund we use scoring guidelines. Callers get points for performing manditory tasks, such as updating records, rapport, facts, and asking for gifts. However, creativity also counts toward bonus points. The points are added and callers are rewarded for passing or failing.

How often are callers monitored?

Each caller is monitored at least once a month, but we prefer to monitor them more frequently, especially if they have a history of bad performance.

What happens if callers show bad performace?

We try to explain improvement strategies to them. The managers give them tips as to how they can improve and encourage them. Improvement is not only important for the the company, but also to their own communication skills.

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