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A Call Center is a centralised office used for transmitting and receiving a large volume of phone requests. It is often used for telemarketing, product services, debt collection, and fundraising. In fundraising, a call center is used to contact possible gift givers and solicit pledges for a specific purpose. The call center is most helpful in allowing possible pledge givers to create a connection with the organization through real people. It also helps the organization to get in contact with the most people, in the most efficient and cost effective method. It is more efficient and cheaper than sending out information by mail.

This Website explains the steps in managing a call center. A call center can have upwards of 100 callers at any time. It can even be more than that. In order, to be effective their must be a management process that instills effective communication and motivation to all employees. This informational Website will give your organization ideas on how to effectively manage your call center.

The examples presented in this Website come from the Florida Fund RepDIALS Phone Program. It is the call center used for fundraising at the University of Florida.

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