Fold a Lucky Origami Star stars

The lucky origami star is among the simplest models. Despite that, it remains a classic origami design that has proved to be as versatile as it is simple, and can be easily incorporated into almost any gift idea.

Learning how to fold one should be quicky and easy.
All that is required is a single, long strip of paper.

heart of stars These origami stars are take less than a minute to fold, each.

Because of this, many people often fold tens, hundreds, even thousands of them.

Some do it as a hobby, others do it to pass the time.

Use your finished stars to fill jars. These can be used as gifts, or even kept as a collection.

Click here to see a flickr collection of lucky origami star jars.

In the following video, Bowie Stephens, a UF student who has been folding origami as a hobby for about 10 years, gives us a simple tutorial on how to fold a lucky origami star.