Origami can be used in infinite ways to make beautiful and more complex creations.

Best friend graduating?
A bouquet of paper roses can make a nice alternative. Not only can they be just as beautiful, they will last much longer. Wrap the bouquet with tissue paper, tie a bow around it and add the finishing touch by adding a spritz of their favorite scent on the flowers.

Late at night and in need of a last-minute greeting card?
A sturdy piece of construction paper or poster board, a bit of ribbon along with one or two origami pieces can be thrown together to make a quick and simple card. Who doesn't appreciate a personalized, homemade greeting card, anyway?

Can't find a box suitable to fit your present in?
Fold your own gift box or gift bag with stiff paper. Not only can you ensure that your gift will fit inside of it, this is also another way to make your gift-giving more unique. Design for origami boxes and gift bags can be found online or in origami craft books.

Room in need of some new decoration?
Make a mobile of origami cranes, beads, bells and any other eye-catching trinkets. Hang it in the window to be admired on those sunny days when the windows are wide open.

A glass bowl with a couple of origami lotuses can make an elegant center piece of the dining table.

A vase filled with origami lilies can look stunning in a glass display cabinet.

From decorative pieces to greeting cards, from scrapbooking to gifts, just a little bit of creativity can go a long way.

Click through the following slideshow to see some examples of homemade gift items made using origami.