Theme Hours

For ten different hours during Dance Marathon, the O’Connell Center takes on a theme that resonates throughout the food served, games played and costumes worn. These are some examples of theme hours from past years:

Guinness World Records:
Dancers and staffers attempted to break five different world records,including number of kisses in one minute, given to our mascot, Alberta.

Games and activities reflected many holidays throughout the year, but condensed into the span of an hour. Dancers even got to make up their own holidays.

Wizard of Oz:
Dancers could dress up as their favorite character from the classic story, then literally follow the yellow brick road through the O'Connell Center to find a variety of activities.

Alice in Wonderland:
Dance Marathon went down the rabbit hole and into a world of tea parties, human playing cards, and talking caterpillars.

MTV Spring Break ’88:
Dancers donned swimsuits, neon t-shirts, and as much sunscreen as they could find to spend the day at the O’Connell Center beach with 800 of their closest friends.

High School Clique:
Dancers got to relive all the best aspects of high school, and dress up like they did when they were younger, or as part of a different clique entirely.

As an added bonus, dancers receive tickets for participating in all the events during the theme hours and even more tickets for winning a game. The tickets can then be traded in during the final hours of Dance Marathon for a chance to go into the “Mood Room.” The room holds may different foot massaging items, including sand, tennis balls, cotton, bubble wrap and even an electric foot massage.