"Dance Marathon rocks. One of the really neat things about dancing is all of the food they give you. Staying awake for a full 26.2 hours can be rough, but they give you food about every two hours. Last year, they gave us Chili's, gelato, ice cream, McAlisters, you name it. I think it's great that so many local restaurants are willing to donate food for such a great cause. It makes dance marathon even more wonderful!"
- Anna Busby, sophomore Dance Marathon dancer

Before the dancers even have to stand up for the long haul, the first meal is served. A breakfast of bagels and cereal get the event started right, and a variety of meals and snacks from different local restaurants keep the dancers going throughout the 26.2 hours. Here are some of the restaurants dancers at the 2009 event got to experience:

Dominos Rolls n' Bowls

The Gelato Company Sonny's

Ti Amo Mildred's Big City