Getting Started with Guitar
Buying A Guitar

If you ever pick up Guitar for Dummies, you’ll find pages and pages of information telling you what you should look for when you buy a guitar. The book suggests you think about: how much you really want to play, how much money you have, appearance, playability and a slew of other points. But, guitarist Andy Diaz thinks you should keep things simpler at the start.

"Go to a local Sam Ash or Guitar Center, and ask an expert to help," he said. "They'll probably be able to match you up with a quality instrument at a decent price.”

Be wary of pawn shops, he said.

“A lot of times you’ll hear stories about great deals people get on amazing guitars at pawn shops, but many times you’ll end up getting ripped off by someone who knows nothing about guitars.”

Reading Tabs
AndyAndy Diaz is Six String Starters' "go-to guitar guy." He began playing guitar at the age of 11 and has been bringing fans to their knees with his sweet licks ever since. He currently records and tours in the band Safety, who resently signed to Jump Start Records.

Guitar tabs are a simple way to learn and document music. And, they’re not hard to find. Since the internet boom, millions and millions of guitar tabs have been posted online to help people learn songs.

“Ultimate Guitar is a favorite of a lot of guitarists," Andy said. “Mostly because there are so many freakin' tabs."

According to, around 15-16 million tabs are posted on the Web site daily

Ho do tabs work? A tab shows six parallel, horizontal lines that represent each of the six strings on a guitar. Numbers are placed on lines to tell the guitarist which note to play one each string. It may sound complicated at first, but take a look at this pagefor more details.

“It’s so much easier than sheet music," said Andy


This video demostrates how to play several open chords you'll have to learn at some point.

It may take some time before you can hear each note that your pressing down on. Remember to apply as much pressure with your fingertips as you can.

"No pain, no note."

The good news is, once you learn any three of these chords, you can automaticall play thousands of songs.