Old Bay

Old Bay Seafood Seasoning

Q: So whatís the secret to delicious crabs?

A: Every Marylander knows that itís the Old Bay that gives crabs their distinct flavor.

Q: Whatís Old Bay?

A: Hon, you donít know what youíre missing. McCormick & Companyís Old Bay Seafood Seasoning is a bold blend of herbs and spices that keeps you coming back for more.

The unmistakable sight of the yellow can will have any Marylanderís mouth watering. Youíll be sure to find Old Bay on every kitchen table in the state.

Q: I love Old Bay and just canít get enough - what else can I put it on?

A: Old Bay will add a kick to just about anything. Maryland mom fix everything with a sprinkle of Old Bay - chicken, vegetables, French fries, and even Bloody Maryís. Check out more recipes.

Q: This Old Bay has really made me thirsty. What beverage goes best?

A: The smooth, refreshing taste of Natty Boh beer compliments Old Bayís spicy kick.