These are the basic supplies that you will need for screen printing.

These are all the tools that you will need for printing.

You will need spatulas or spoons to scoop out the ink onto your screen. You can also use a little bowl if you need to mix ink to customize your color.

"Making your own colors lets you turn out with an even more original creation," Monaghan said. "But remember that less is more when it comes to mixing ink. It only takes a small dab of ink to change the hue of your original color."

The squeegees are used to spread the ink over the screen. They come in a variety of sizes so you can always find one that fits the size of the image you are printing.

Transparent paper is handy for printing your test image. You can place it over what you will be printing on for better alignment. You should be sure to wipe the ink off when you are done using the paper.

Finally, you will need emulsion remover. A spray bottle works best for application.

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