screen printed LOVE pillow screen printed LOVE pillow

If you’re looking for some long drawn out history on how screen printing was invented and where it first appeared and blah de blah be blah… this is not the right web site. All you need to know to enjoy screen printing is that it is wicked fun, as easy or as complicated as you desire and completely addictive. Put your creativity cap on and get ready to have some fun!

a colorful screen print of florida on a wooden slab jellyfish screen print on paper

With the help of video tutorials from Clarissa Carr, a studio assistant at the University of Florida Arts and Crafts Center, as well as printing insights from Meagan Monaghan, a screen printing teacher there, this website will have you on your way to printing just about anything you can imagine! So get those creative juices flowing and check out the prints on this page for some inspiration. All of these photos are of one-of-a-kind prints compliments of Meagan!

screen printed felt log pillow beige curtains with orange screen printed flowers