decorating a small space

decorating your college living room...

When decorating your small space, the living room should be one of your priorities because it's a room that everyone sees. As mentioned before, storage is important. Choose an entertainment center with lots of storage capability like drawers, cabinets and cubby holes. You could even "build" your own, like the one in the photo, by arranging book cases of different sizes into a wall unit that resembles an entertainment center while giving you tons of storage.

Your coffee table can also be great for storage. There are several options out there. One is to get a taller table and put
baskets underneath to store items. Another idea is to buy a table with built-in storage, but this will probably be a little
more expensive. If you have plenty of storage already, you can consider getting a few ottomans because they can be used as
coffee tables, end tables or extra seating, according to Katie Stiles from Before and After TV.

Although everyone loves big, comfy sofas, think smaller when furnishing a smaller space. Two smaller sofas just might be a
better fit. Also, look for sofas with small arms and clean lines, as big arms take up a lot of space and can make your living
area seemed cramped. Even though a fabric sofa makes a room more cozy, more items of fabric will warm it up even more.
Katie Stiles suggests using a large area rug because they elongate a room and make it appear larger. If you like curtains,
they go a long way toward making a room feel warmer and more like home. Putting the curtains all the way up to the ceiling
also makes the ceiling look taller. Patterned and bright throw pillows or blankets add a cozy factor to a room as well. This
is the time to add your personal decorating touches to your now totally practical, storage-savvy living room.

Keep your color palette consistent throughout
the room so it doesn't feel cluttered. And select
pieces of furniture that offer lots of storage to
make the most of your space. Photo from