decorating a small space - kitchen

decorating your college kitchen...

Is your kitchen so small you don't know what to do with all your pots and pans? As shown in the photo, hang some pots and pans on the largest wall when you run out of cabinet space. This helps with storage and also creates a stylish focal point for your small space. Use metal hooks hang them, as plastic ones might not be strong enough. Just make sure you fill up the holes before you move. You can also buy a rack with several hooks attached like the one in the photo.

If there aren't enough drawers for your cooking utensils, get some decorative jars or vases in which to arrange the leftovers. This
solves your space problem, and because the arrangements look sort of like bouquets of flowers in decorative holders, they look
stylish as well.

Imagine merely opening your cabinets to get your much-needed breakfast granola bar and actually being able to find it! You can if
if you organize your storage cabinets in such a way that's easy to find what you need. Here are two solutions for your disheveled
food space. Get some small, stackable storage pieces, or small drying racks will do. Arrange them in your cabinets so that all the
food is organized at different heights. This tactic will make everything easier to find. Already have built-in shelves? Separate
your food into categories like boxed items, and put them on different shelves so you can easily find that mac and cheese.

To hide anything else you may want to store under your countertop, attach a piece of fabric to the counter that reaches from the
the underside of the counter to the floor. Put a tension rod in place between the two vertical surfaces below the countertop and
attach the fabric to the rod. You can also use hook-and-loop tape, such as Velcro, to attach the fabric, according to a Better
Homes and Gardens Web site. also shows several examples of using curtains to hide storage. Now
you're ready to cook or just mix a cocktail in your clutter-free kitchen.

Running out of room? Hang some pots and pans
on the wall, and create a focal point for the
kitchen. Photo from Small Place Style blog