decorating a small space - bedroom

decorating your college bedroom...

Bedrooms in apartments tend to be short on space. Using the room you have to store everything efficiently can be a challenge. The picture on the left shows a great way to incorporate storage into a piece of necessary furniture. I mean, you have to have a bed right? If you don't have a bed that allows storage underneath it, there are a few solutions. You can just put a large, wide book case behind your bed, as pictured, and use it as a headboard that doubles as storage. You can also buy bed risers that are put underneath the four frame posts or wheels on your bed. These raise your bed a few inches and allow for storage below. If you have a bedskirt, anything underneath your bed will be hidden.

For some organization in your closet, put in wooden or plastic separation units to neatly store your stuff. After your clothes are hung
in place, you can organize your shoes, boxes and anything else in the separation units. This will eliminate piles of shoes and
random stacks of boxes on your closet floor.

As for decorative items, designer Jeffrey Fisher from says mirrors and reflective pieces are what you need to look
for. Mirrors make a space look larger than it really is due to the fact that they let the eye wander further and deeper than just a
plain wall would. They also make the room brighter because of the way they reflect light. Items that are made of a reflective
material, such as sterling silver or stainless steel, are great assets to a small space as well. These types of items can include end
tables, a coffee table, lamps, vases, picture frames or any other items of decor.

Put a large bookcase behind your bed for
extra storage that can also be a headboard.
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