decorating a small space

decorating your college apartment...

As college students, we're used to living in close quarters. But that doesn't mean our apartments have to be in disarray with junk in every corner. Your small space can be loaded with style and practical at the same time. You just have to be creative.

The key is to get the most out of the space you have by being creative with your storage in every room. If you have a lot of
stuff, make sure you have furniture in every part of the apartment that is capable of storage. These pieces can be integrated
into the decor of the room so that you have plenty of places to store your stuff while being chic at the same time. When
considering storage, think about duality. You need furniture that can serve multiple purposes, such as coffee tables that
store. Bookcases are the ultimate furniture item. They hold an enormous amount of stuff, can serve multiple purposes
(discussed later) and are extremely versatile. They also come in countless sizes and styles to accomodate every room and
particular decorating style.

You don't have to be short on style just because you're short on space. Bold colors and accents spice up your place, and unless
you clutter your apartment with knick knacks, the boldness should not overpower your space. In a Youtube video about
decorating small spaces
, designer Brian Clark says that wall color doesn't always make a space look smaller, as most believe.
Watch the video and visit the rest of the site to learn more tricks for decorating your small college space.

Fear not, go wild! A few well-placed items of bold
decor and wall color won't make a room look
smaller. Photo from Laissez Fair Design blog