Sailing101 ..because you want to be on a boat! Let's get on the water!

“The sailor uses his skills and intelligence to beat against the wind, an apparently impossible act to the uninformed layman. Just as in life, the stupid or lazy person will drift with the wind and be buffeted wherever life takes him; but the smart, diligent person finds a way to make progress in life "against the wind" whatever that may mean in his vocation.” – Tillerman, 60-year old Laser and blogging enthusiast.
Downwind finish at Lake Wauburg



Sailing is a somewhat unpublicized sport that requires a lot of knowledge and hands-on experience to excel at. It is one of the only sports that makes use of wind power. While not always fun and games, this sport gets you out on the water where you can enjoy a beautiful day with the sunshine and waves.

This site is all about teaching you the beginning skills needed to help you harness the wind and learn something about your own capabilities on the water and against the forces of nature.