5 ball


Although the exact origin of billiards is not actually known it is acknowledged that it was born from outdoor games such as croquet and golf. The term billiards also is not truly known, but it may come from the French word billart, meaning mace, a possible connection to the ancestor of the cue stick. Cue comes from the French word of the same pronunciation, “queue” or tail, a reference to striking the ball with the tail of the mace when it was up against the wall. The mace was gone by the early 1800’s and was instead replaced by the modern day stick. This new stick allowed balls to be struck rather than just pushed, which lead to cushions being made into their more modern design, the one we are all more familiar with today, so that balls could rebound off of them.

- The History of Snooker and Billiards by Clive Everton