2 ball

The Draw Shot

If you hang around a pool hall long enough you will hear about a variety of advanced shots: English adds side spin to the ball, masse is a way to side step other balls in your path. While these shots can be useful at times they are very difficult to perform, let alone master and the pay off is simply not worth the effort. Instead I present you with a shot that actually can help and is quite simple to perform: the draw shot.

A draw shot is used in part to set up the next shot a player takes on the assumption their current shot pockets a ball. It is a shot wherein you want to draw the cue ball back to you after striking the desired ball on a shot and is used when a normal shot will leave you out of position to pocket any other balls, most often seen late in the game when there are very few balls left on the table. The draw shot however can be utilized at any time. It is performed by striking the bottom half of the cue ball and does not take any additional force to perform.