10 ball

Cut Throat

You win when… Your two opponents have no balls remaining on the table

What makes it different from straight pool?- game is played with three people, each trying to get rid of two five ball sets while keeping their own five ball set on the table.


Cut throat is a three player billiards game. Every player at first shoots to sink any ball on the table, taking turns until one is finally made. At the point in which a player sinks the first ball they must choose a set of balls to protect for the remainder of the game. The balls are divided into three categories: low (one-five), medium (six-ten) and high (eleven-fifteen). Since the object of the game is to protect one of these sets of balls from coming completely off the table it is to this first player’s advantage to choose a set of balls for themselves outside if the set in which the first ball pocketed belonged to. For example if the first ball pocketed was the two, the player would be wise to select to protect either the medium or high series, as the low series now only has four balls on the table The second player to sink a ball gets to pick from the two unclaimed sets, leaving the player who has yet to pocket a ball with the now only unclaimed set and more often than not a severe disadvantage. They could potentially have only three balls remaining on the table, and will never have more than four.

The game continues as players attempt to sink their opponent’s balls and keep their own in the table. The game ends when two of the three player’s balls have all been sank. Other rule variations include a change whenever a player scratches. When a player each of their opponents may take one of their eliminated balls out from a pocket and place it back in play at the center dot at the far end of the table. Even if a player has had all their balls pocketed they may put one of them back, therefore letting them back into the game. If a player has all of their balls on the table, they gain no advantage, but are indeed playing very well.