11 ball

Bank Ball

You win when… You make the majority of balls in the game. The game can be played with a full compliment of fifteen balls, but this can take quite some time so often a set up of nine balls is used as an alternative to shorten the length of the game.

What makes it different from straight pool?... In bank ball all shot must be done by banking the cue ball off the rail in order to be a legal shot.


In Bank ball a legal shot consists of the cue ball cleanly hitting the rail, and then striking one and only one ball. The cue ball cannot hit a ball before hitting the rail and no combination shots can be utilized during the game. Both of the aforementioned fouls count as a scratch and the cue ball, along with any balls pocketed during such illegal shots are placed at the center dot at either end of the table and then play resumes with regular scratch rules applying. The unique format of the game can make the game go on for long periods of time especially with lesser skilled players as bank shots are much more unforgiving than shots where the cue ball and other ball can make direct contact with one another. Because of this the game can be set up in a fashion just as nine ball, however the nine would hold no special significance in this game as every ball simply counts as a single point added the players score. When one has sunk the majority of balls involved in the game that player wins.