9 ball

9 Ball

You win when..... The nine ball is legally pocketed.

What makes it different from straight pool?- Only nine balls are used, balls are shot at in ascending numerical order.


Nine ball is much like the game rotation, but on a smaller scale. The objective is to sink the nine ball and this can be done at any time, through a combination shot but is not likely to happen until all other balls are off the table. Just as in rotation players shoot at balls in ascending order starting with the one ball and going until the nine ball is eliminated from play at which point the game ends and the player pocketing said ball wins the game regardless of how many shots they have made prior to that shot. There are other variations of this popular game such as six ball, seven ball and ten ball, and the rules are nearly identical. The sole differences being the number of balls in the game, the way in which the balls are racked to start the game and the ball one must sink in order to win.

9 ball set up

Nine ball involves a different set up due to the uniqueness of its ball selection as noted above.